Direct lenders payday loans online -Direct payday loans only: Approved in Seconds

Non-bank loans are, as the name implies, various types of loans granted outside the banking system and without the agency’s involvement.

Direct payday loans only: Approved in Seconds

Direct payday loans only can usually be obtained online, simply complete the online form on the Green Touch page, select the amount and repayment period, and … wait for the transfer.

Obviously, companies and individuals offering non-bank loans differ in the amount and how much they borrow and how they verify their clients, but the loan application process itself is much less stressful than if we had applied for it in the traditional way . Due to considerable competition on the market, non-bank loan companies are tempting their clients with better and better offers tailored to their expectations.

However, what connects virtually all non-bank loans regardless of the company that would grant it to us is just a small amount of formalities and the smooth course of the entire process. And although, compared to what the bank requires from potential borrowers, here the formal requirements are really small, but even to obtain a non-bank loan certain conditions must be met. What? You should have:

  • over 24 years old,
  • PESEL number
  • active phone number
  • Bank account number,
  • fixed income.

The process of applying for a non-bank loan on our website is as follows:

Step1: Choose the loan amount and period

Step 2: Complete the online form

Step 3: Receive money to the specified bank account

What distinguishes non-bank loans from other financial products or loans granted by banks is their easy availability, clear and legible for everyone, and the fact that we can apply for money 7 days a week at any time. This is possible primarily because the entire process of applying for a non-bank loan is online – the only data we require from you is that you will find in your ID card. The speed of obtaining such an injection of cash, a small amount of formalities and simple verification are the reasons why non-bank loans are gaining the trust of new customers.

Non-bank loans are a response to the increasingly less accessible rules for providing financial support by banks and the time-consuming verification process that must be carried out by those who go for a loan to this institution. In this context, non-bank loans save us time (which we would otherwise lose in a queue to the bank window), nerves (rather, no one likes to explain how he manages his finances or how he manages his funds, how much he earns and what he spends) and avoid an awkward situation that can occur when the bank wants to check our financial credibility and solvency by contacting our loved ones.

Non-bank loans – loans for every budget

As already mentioned, the relatively easy availability of non-bank loans means that in the event of financial problems more and more people decide to do so. Constant income and data contained in our ID card (for this reason, non-bank loans are also referred to as ID loans ) are basically the only conditions we must meet to receive such a loan. Bank loans are often confused with equally popular payday loans. Meanwhile, payday loans are just a type of non-bank loan. What connects both forms of this financial support is that they are not provided by banks. In addition, payday loans are usually given on the same day, usually they are free, they relate to a small amount that should be repaid quite quickly (usually within 30 days). The situation is slightly different with the non-bank loan itself. These are granted for a longer time, in a higher amount, but also bear interest.

How do you find a good non-bank loan?

Non-bank loans have different names. Some of them are:

– online loans,

– internet loans,

– loans over the internet,

– long-term loans,

installment loans,

– installment loans,

– loans for proof,

– loans without certificates.

Thanks to the non-bank loans offered by lenders, you can solve your financial problems, complete the actions you have started (e.g. renovation of an apartment whose costs have been incorrectly calculated), gain money to cover current expenses or spend the funds raised to cover occasional expenses. We know that sometimes even a seemingly small amount is of great importance for your financial liquidity. That is why we grant loans in the amount from 1000 to 5000 PLN. No matter what amount you decide to borrow, think twice. This choice will later determine what final amount you will have to give back.

Non-bank loans and credit

Pursuant to the applicable banking law, only a bank can grant you a loan because it is a term reserved exclusively for them. You can take a loan at a bank, private person or non-bank institution. The latter will give you it faster and easier than the banking giant. In the case of a non-bank loan, you can use the money for any purpose. On the other hand, with the loan, the contract concluded with the bank specifies how to use the amount borrowed (this applies especially to a mortgage). The conditions under which the loan is granted and the terms of the loan are also governed by separate provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure.

The non-bank loan does not bite

It is worth knowing that a non-bank loan is not as scary as it is painted. In some cases, it may improve our credit history. For a bank, a person who has already had some obligations and has repaid them is more credible than one who has never taken a loan. In addition, due to its easy availability, it will always work if you need cash quickly. If, for whatever reason, we were in financial trouble, the non-bank loan will allow us to get back on our feet again.