Online deposit account: Entrusted to a “zero-cost” deposit account from which you also earn interest

The valid support for the expensive classic current account.

If you do not know how to secure your investments, guarantee a return over time and receive money from your savings, you can rely on the online deposit account: zero fees and remuneration on deposited money .

Are you tired of the usual banks that have a great reputation, reputation and financial prestige but which aggravate your money by unnecessary costs and high costs? Can’t stand bank statements full of burdensome interests anymore? Do you need to leave your money in the hands of loyal people but you have little time to go to the bank personally and prefer to carry out and manage operations through a PC and an Internet connection?

How to open your deposit account today in a simple and free way

How to open your deposit account today in a simple and free way

Online deposit account: safe savings and better returns thanks to online platforms.

The peculiarity that distinguishes the online deposit account from a traditional current account is that it is a banking product that allows the use of account holders’ money thanks to a higher interest rate than what a typical account can offer.

The advantage is the autonomy in managing your savings online and the lack of activation, closing and account management costs.

Furthermore, in order to function it needs to rely on a current account, in fact it is fed through the ordinary withdrawal and payment operations.

The only disadvantage is that it does not provide additional services such as: use of credit cards, checks, transfers and domiciliation domestic utilities for the payment of electricity, water and gas bills.

Zero Expense Deposit Account?


With the deposit account you can invest your savings away from risks. It offers a remuneration on the money and relies on the current account that the account holder uses to credit the salary, the pension or his income not less than 1,000.00 euros per month. You can manage your online deposit account from the comfort of your home or office at “zero expense”.

Guarantees current account holders excellent returns on the amounts deposited . Furthermore, it does not include payments of annual fees or activation and closing costs .

Likewise, there is no cost for ordinary withdrawal and payment transactions, nor commission or account fees .

Why is the deposit account at zero expense?


Many lenders to support this form of investment take on numerous ordinary expenses.

They can also offer savers a Zero Expenditure Deposit Account because it is an account that is managed online , in fact the operators work through the internet and are reachable by phone.

Current account holders avoid going to the counters and are able to obtain all the information they need by accessing their reserved area “Customer Access” from the home page of the bank’s website or via mobile through the Credit Institutions App; they also manage to check the activation status of their online practice . If you need clarifications you can interact with one of the operators through the Chat available in the area reserved for customers on the contact page. All this in terms of costs translates into zero costs: no operating costs and no account maintenance, no activation, deposit, transfer or account closing costs .

The operation of an online deposit account is identical to an open deposit account and managed through the counter , the difference is that with the online deposit account who surfs the web has time flexibility on the part of his bank, speed of operations and functionality.