What to look for when you manage your payday loan yourself?

There are plenty of people coming to us for a variety of credit related topics. This is an honor for us and we are pleased that you seem to be pleased with us. We want this to remain the same, so now we’ll expand on the most common question, payday loans. Is it worth hiring? What to spend What can money be used for? No matter where we borrow? What are the benefits? Well, as you can see there are countless questions, but if you read this article, the question marks will be replaced by an exclamation point and a dot.

Basics of payday loans

Basics of Personal Loans

Just like buying a home, but not having enough capital, you can turn to the bank to give us a higher amount, which we return to you on a monthly basis. Of course, with interest. So far, there is no significant difference between a mortgage loan and a payday loan.

But what is a significant difference is that here we do not give any kind of cover to the bank. They just look at our financial past and decide if they will vote in confidence that we will give it back. What’s more, we have no control over what we spend our money on. Similarly, the MNB monitors these contracts, and many banks offer us a possible solution.

What do we spend the money on?

What do we spend the money on?

It is precisely for free use that there are many purposes for which a payday loan is suitable. Let’s start by saying that many people buy a car on a payday loan rather than a car loan, because the car does not serve as collateral. This could be a good solution, for example. Some people finance the mortgage self-sufficiency from this, but we disagree with it because it is too dangerous. Perhaps the most common goal is purchasing electronics and household appliances. However, people sometimes take out payday loans for vacations, and we know of those who have taken out a payday loan to have a reserve that gives them peace of mind. Let’s see what this contract means for us financially!

Let’s count on a specific payday loan!


Astro Bank is an indispensable factor in lending in Hungary, so we will now calculate one on their side. Let’s charge them 950,000 for 6 years. According to the calculator here, we can do this at a 12.8% APR and we will refund you $ 21,373 per month. The big advantage is that it is fixed-rate, so you do not have to worry about an increase in the installment. This is a security point that you should always keep in mind and is guaranteed by your contract with the Astro Bank Online Premium Loans Account.

Borrowing is also much smoother than with a mortgage. On the one hand, simplified documentation has been introduced here, and on the other hand, we can manage it even through a video. No need to bother with a sales contract or land office. We can get rid of this, let’s face it, the long wait, as we know we can only be sure of credit once it’s been credited to our account.

But this simplicity can already be felt when using the Astro Bank Calculator. We only provide two details and wait for the result. Just like the payday loan calculator on loan.hu where we can compare more loans.

So, in summary, payday loan is often the ideal solution for us! Banks know this, such as the aforementioned Astro Bank, and they really put security and simplicity first. We have to be very careful to take out such a loan when we really need it. Just because we have no control over what we spend our money on. If you have any questions, contact us! We help where we can.